Meaning of life

Four questions asked by Jacqueline Koch on her blog, open-hearted and open-minded answered from Luisa. Thank you for passing the torch! ❤

  1. What is special about your life?

„Special? Nothing, absolutely nothing. In my life I struggle like everyone else, I strive to be better everyday like everyone else and sometimes I party like everyone else. So, nothing special here. Maybe the better question is: What am I grateful for in my life? And for me, this is a whole other cup of tea altogether. I am grateful for a family that backs me up no matter what craziness goes on in my mind at any given time. They may look somewhat stupefied as they don’t get what’s up now, but they’ll never let me down. I am grateful for enlightened people in my life who help me get back on track every time I despair and confuse about the direction where I am going and what I want. I am grateful for my ability to learn fast and adapt well. And lastly, those things are what sometimes makes my life special in certain situations.“

2. To whom would you say I love you to?

„I always thought that this would be the three words reserved for really special persons only: The boyfriend/husband, best friends, family… But I realized that this is not the case, as we are all the same and there should be no special relationships. So I tell everyone „I love you“ because we are all in this together and nobody is any more special than the other. But maybe now it’s more in the sense of „I see you“ and I have a deep understanding of your feelings and struggles, and I want you to know, that I am here and I’d love to hold the place for you until you are up to it again. Stand strong, dear heart.“

3. What would you like to be remembered for?

„Mmh, I’d like to be remembered for my unhurried and rational thinking. For touching people deeply so they become open for the truth, shaking off the propaganda and beginning to think for themselves, valuing peace and connection more than their ego. More of us have to understand that we can only stay strong against terror and this feeling of constant threat, if we join together in affection and understanding and rely on each other for support. Morally and in physical strength. One alone has seldom achieved greatness. I really hope to have that effect for a few and get them to realize this.“

4. What is your plan on this earth, in this one precious life?

„I don’t like plans, alas, I don’t have one. There is the general direction of striving for inner and outer peace, but what this journey will entail and where it will take me? Go with the flow and see when we get there.“

Still impressed by her answers… I will not (yet) pass this torch. Let’s better pause for a moment. Let’s take time to (really) think about it. No rush. No hurry. Let’s have a look inside – in our heart, in our soul, in our dreams… to find the answers… our personal ones… Thanks for your inspiration.

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